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Make More Plants with Cuttings From Your Own House and Garden Plants


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Using Rooting Hormone to Increase Your Chances of Successful Rooting
Coat the Cutting Node in Rooting Hormone

Coat the Cutting Node in Rooting Hormone

Photo: © Marie Iannotti
Rooting hormone stimulates a house or garden plant cutting to begin sending new roots out of a stem node. Using rooting hormone increases the success rate of creating new plants.

Rooting hormone stimulates the plant cutting to begin sending out new roots from the stem node. The hormone is not always necessary for the cutting to root, but it does give an advantage. Many plants will even root in plain water, but transferring the water rooted seedling to soil is not always successful.

Fill one cup or container with water and place some rooting hormone into another. You won’t need much hormone. Too much rooting hormone can actually lower your success rate, so tap off the excess. Don’t return used hormone to the original container. Once it comes in contact with the cuttings, it is activated.

Dip the node end of the plant cutting into the water and then into the rooting hormone.

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