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It Takes More Than Plants to Complete a Garden


A lot more goes into a great garden than just plants. Without tools, fertilizer and whimsy, a garden isn't a personal statement - or a whole lot of fun. Thankfully, there are companies understand this. Here's a list of catalogs offering garden 'Extras'.

Charley's Greenhouse & Garden
Propagation, irrigation and ornamentation are all well covered here. Especially good for orchid growing and seed starting supplies.

Gardener's Supply Co.
Interesting, well made tools and supplies for gardeners. Can be dangerous for browsing - they have many items you didn't know you needed until you saw them in the catalog. Great for gift ideas.

Gardens Alive!
Organic fertilizer and pest control for every problem. Good education in organics.

Kinsman Company
A great collection of neat and affordable garden supplies and decorations. Good for gift ideas.

Lee Valley Tools
Well priced, quality tools and gadgets, not just for the garden.

A.M. Leonard
Professional quality tools, many hard to find. Prices aren't cheap, but the quality is good.

Now that you've seen your options, you might want to order more plant catalogs.

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