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Getting Started in the Garden - Techniques and Terms

Gardening is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities around. Siting a garden bed, choosing plants and making them thrive are techniques you can learn. Here are some fundamental concepts and ideas to get you growing in the right direction.
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Gardening for Beginners
Even if you are a beginning gardener, you can start a garden on your own. Gardening for beginners and experts alike is an ongoing process. These tips and how-tos will give garden beginners confidence in creating your own garden.

Gardening Basics - Getting Started in the Garden
Starting a garden can be daunting. There are all kinds of decisions to make and a little planning can go a long, long way toward making a garden you'll love working in as much as looking at.

Starting a New Garden
Starting your first garden shouldn't be a daunting task. Probably the best piece of advice is - Start Small. If you're frozen in your steps, wondering what to plant, where to plant it, how to not kill it..., here's a bottom line Step-by-Step primer for you. Veteran gardeners, how many times have you been asked for help from frazzled first...

Planning a Vegetable Garden
Fortunately, growing vegetables is pretty easy. Whether you are starting to plan your first vegetable garden or dreaming up your next, growing great tasting vegetables and staying ahead of problems does take a little knowledge and effort. The following lessons will get your vegetable garden up and running in no time.

Tips for a Better Garden
Great gardeners seem to know all the little secrets for making plants happy. Luckily, gardeners love to share almost as much as they love to talk about their gardens. Here's a collection of quick gardening tips and ideas to make your garden better. Feel free to share you gardening quick tips too.

What Does "Days to Maturity" Mean?
It's on every packet of seeds, but when do you start the countdown?

Frugal Gardening
It's easy to get carried away planting a garden. Even after you've bought all the necessary tools and supplies, there are always more plants to covet and new gadgets to try. But that doesn't mean your garden has to turn into a sink hole for your money. Some of the best gardening tips don't cost a cent and some will help you save money for...

Frugal Gardening - Tips for Recycling in the Garden
Tips for recycling in the garden.

Top Plant Picks - Top 10 Lists of Garden Plants for Specific Needs
Need a clay buster? A rose for shade? What to try growing some of those heirloom vegetables you've heard about? Wish your annuals would self-seed? These lists will give you some top plant varieties, whatever your garden needs.

Gardening Show and Tell
Gardeners have always been great sharers. How else would we have so many plants, seeds and ideas? Get two gardeners together and they instantly have stories to tell.

One of the nice things about the internet is that you get to tell stories with gardeners from all over the world. While you're garden is suffering the monsoon season, there is always someone else's tomato to envy. And when…

Who or What Got You Started in Gardening?
Readers about how they got started with gardening; who influenced them, what piqued their interest in gardening, how their first gardening efforts worked out...

What I Wish I'd Known, When I Started Gardening
Gardeners share their tips and wisdom about what they wish they'd known when they started and what they've learned and want to share.See submissions

You Know You're a Gardener When...
Finish the phrase, "You know you're a gardener when..."

Seed Starting - How to Successfully Start Plants from Seed
Starting plants from seed isn't rocket science, but there are several seed starting tips that will help your success rate with seed germination and give your seedlings a healthy start.

Deadheading, Pinching and Cutting Back
Flower gardens require constant maintenance to look their best. Common garden chores like pruning, pinching and deadheading are easy to master, as show here in this step-by-step photo tutorial.

Cuttings - How to Make More Plants with Cuttings
Increase the plants in your home and garden by taking cuttings from existing plants and rooting them to make more plants.

Gardening Terminology - Useful Terms to Know About Gardening
Gardening can sometimes sound like a foreign language, with hybrids, drupes and herbaceous plants. This garden glossary is meant to assist you in deciphering gardening terminology.

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