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Gardening with Kids - Sharing the Fun of Gardening with Your Children

Garden projects, exploration and play can make a child a lifelong gardener. Fast growing seeds and plants, tools sized to children's hands and icky, surprising things will keep children of all ages enjoying the garden.
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Tips for You and Your Child to Enjoy Gardening
Playing with dirt is a natural for kids. To get your children to enjoy time in the garden, let them be active participants in their own garden.

Creating Garden Memories
Ideas to celebrate a birth, a milestone or just a summer's day out in the garden with your child.

Gardening with Your Kids - A Father's Guide
A father’s advice on starting a vegetable garden with your kids.

Top 10 Gardening Books for Young Gardeners
Fun books for young gardeners with folklore, kitchen science projects, personalizing pumpkins and rainy day treats.

Children's Gardening Books
Picture books for sharing the love of gardening with younger children

Great Vegetables for Kids to Grow
Show kids how much fun vegetable gardening can be by growing some of these unusual looking veggies. They'll love the colors so much, they may even eat them.

Kids Gardening!
Resources for parents, teachers and anyone interested in fun garden projects to entertain and educate young children. Affiliated with the National Gardening Association.

Kids Valley Garden
Good gardening information written at kid level.

Garden and Environmental Education Grants
Application information for garden and enviromental education for kids.

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