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Gateway to an Open Days Private Garden

Gateway to an Open Days Private Garden

Marie Iannotti

Nothing gets the design ideas flowing better than a walk through a captivating garden. Throughout the spring and summer, private gardens across the country are opened to garden enthusiasts, through the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program. Some are small, personal gems and others are sprawling life long love affairs. They all reflect the passion of their gardeners and will help reignite your mania for designing your own garden. A word of warning: Don’t be surprised if you come home ready to rip everything out and move it around or even start all over again. Seeing what another garden designer has accomplished opens your eyes to what is possible.

The Open Days program gives you access to awe-inspiring private gardens that you would otherwise probably never see. Open Days is a means of fund raising for the Garden Conservancy’s efforts to ensure that exemplary private gardens will be maintained for public enjoyment and education even after the creating gardeners are no longer able to tend them. It’s a win-win situation. They do good works and we get to view secret treasures and take the garden design inspiration back to our own corner of paradise.

Directories with schedules and directions are available from the Garden Conservancy. You can select the National Directory, which includes all the open gardens throughout the country, or one of 4 less expensive regional directories. There is also a nominal fee at each garden visited.

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