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Five Easy Ways to Makeover an Overgrown Garden


There comes a point when everyone's garden starts to look a little overgrown. It's very exciting and satisfying when plants first start filling in, but all too soon the thugs take over or lush simply turns to chaos. Before you run for the back hoe to tear all the plants out and start over, consider the following 5 ways to make your garden look better immediately, with a minimum of effort. These ideas won't make garden maintenance go away, but they will help keep your garden looking good, by giving it definition. The following photos illustrate simple time proven techniques for spiffing up your garden in an afternoon or two.
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Gardening Design - The Impact of an EdgeA Clean Edge Makes the Messiest Garden Look BetterEdging Literally Draws a Line Between Garden and Non-GardenWithout Edging, this Would Just Be Flowers in the LawnMulch Does More than Fight Weeds and Cool Soil
Using What You Have to Make The Garden Look Good & Less Work for YouDark Colors Flatter GreensUsing Mulch as a FrameTempt the Viewer Down the Path
Cottage Gardens Can Look Chaotic without an Underlying StructureTell the Viewer Where to Begin ViewingAdd Structure with a PathUsing Edging to Create a Path
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