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Garden Design - Putting It All Together

Nothing intimidates a gardener more than garden design. Here are ideas for taking it step-by-step and creating a foundation to build on, with minimal anxiety. Great garden design takes practice.
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  3. Choosing Plants (41)
  4. Container Gardening (8)
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  6. Garden Styles (11)
  7. Gardens to Visit (14)
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Garden Design Basics
Successful garden design requires learning certain skills, but in the end, a garden’s beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are no fixed rules to garden design, but there are a few elements of composition that will serve the garden designer well, when combining plants.

Elements of Garden Design
You don't have to understand garden design to know a good design when you see it. But if you are creating your own garden, it helps to know the elements that go into creating a cohesive design

Tips for Gardeners Who are Just Starting Out
Gardeners share their tips and wisdom about what they wish they'd known when they started and what they've learned and want to share.See submissions

Evaluating This Year's Garden Design
Fall is a great time to take stock of what worked in your garden and what was less than successful. A garden is a work in progress that should get better every year. The following 10 questions will help you evaluate your garden and garden design, so that you can plan for the garden you envision.

Makeovers - Re-Designing Your Garden
Making over a garden can become necessary when the garden becomes overgrown or when site conditions, like lighting, change. Sometimes gardeners simply want to try creating a new garden. Here is some advice for taking a look at where you are with your garden plans and reassessing what you can do to capitalize on what you have.

Easier Gardening - 10 Ways to Make Gardening Less Work
Gardening easier means you can garden more. Use these smart gardening tips to make your gardening chores and maintenance less time and labor consuming and make your time in the garden more enjoyable.

How I Made My Garden Lower Maintenance and More Enjoyable
Tips for making your garden lower maintenance, without making it less beautiful.

Regaining Control of the Out of Control Garden
At some point, everyone's garden starts to look a little overgrown. It's very exciting and satisfying when plants first start filling in, but all too soon the thugs take over or lush simply turns to chaos. The following 5 ideas will make your garden look better immediately, with a minimum of effort. They won't make garden maintenance go away,...

Small Space Gardening - Gardening on a Patio or Terrace
Gardening on your patio or terrace creates an extension of your home. An outdoor room that serves the dual purpose of being an outdoor room without walls and a place to indulge in gardening. A patio garden is limited only by your aspirations. Designing a garden on or around your patio or terrace can create a place to enjoy and entertain or a...

Garden Bones - An Important Element of Garden Design
In garden design, the term 'garden bones' refers to something architectural the defines the structure of a garden. It's not as hard as you think to create bones in a garden. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Using Large Plants as Focal Point in Your Garden Design
Every garden needs a focal point and large, dramatic plants fit the bill nicely, getting better every year. These drama queen plants will take center stage in any garden. You only need one to make an impact, or use several as an eye-catching hedge.

Focal point plants are often described as architectural, because they add structure along with impact. That's why you don't want too many dra…

Sound in the Garden
Sound comes naturally to a garden, but it can be enhanced with textures and plants. Sound adds a sensual element that makes your garden a more soothing place to be.

Giving a New Garden a Sense of Age
How to give a new garden a sense of age and substance.

Light in the Shade
Shade gardens are often designed with texture and cool colors, but there are some shade plants that will help brighten a shady spot. Here's how to add some light to your shade garden with plants.

Eye-Catching Plant Combinations. Plant Combos Worth Repeating
Captivating combinations of plants. Garden design tips on grouping plants.

What the Well-Designed Garden Will Be Wearing
We may think we don't follow gardening trends, but they dictate what's available in the garden center and sometimes we follow along without even knowing it.

Garden Art and Ornaments
What makes a garden statue look like it belongs there and another look completely out of place? Most of us tend to purchase garden art that is just too small and so then we buy a lot of it. Of course, like all art, personal preferences should always be considered. But there are some simple guidelines for choosing garden ornaments that complement your garden and that you won't have to keep explaining over and over to your friends.

Creating Seating Areas in Your Garden
Gardens are meant to be viewed, but most gardeners spend the bulk of their time up close and personal with the plants. Still, seating is an important aspect of any garden. Gardens are representative of the gardener's vision and as ever changing as the weather, so there are no hard rules about using seating in a garden. It can be purely...

What Would You Grow If...
Gardeners say what they wish they could grow in their climate.

Planning for a Great Fall Garden
Fall can be the icing on the gardening season, if you give some thought earlier in the season to plants that shine in autumn. Long after the last daylily has faded, fall bloomers and plants with electric foliage come out from the shadows and take center stage. p The one catch to having a dazzling fall garden is that you need to plant it...

The Best Gardening Trends of the 2000s Decade
Gardening is still the #1 hobby in the U.S., which means it’s a huge market. That can be good and bad. On the plus side, there are plant and pest control improvements, lots of useful gadgets and tools and plenty of wonderful gardening web sites to share your enthusiasm and learn from other gardeners. On the negative side are the 10 trends...

The Best Gardening Trends of the 2000s Decade
All gardens are a work in progress, constantly evolving and, hopefully, growing. As gardeners, we're very influenced by gardening trends, whether we mean to be or not. Gardening trends effect the plants the nurseries sell and products we're permitted to use on them. Gardening bloomed as a hobby in the 1990s. In the 2000s, we started to...

Garden Resolutions
Readers Respond: My New Year's Garden Resolutions

Garden Visit Etiquette
Basic garden visit etiquette should guide your behavior when touring public and private gardens. To be a good guest in another gardeners garden, follow these common rules of courteous behavior, like staying on paths, not picking flowers or seeds and not talking about how much better your plants are doing.

Garden Visit Etiquette
Basic garden visit etiquette should guide your behavior when touring public and private gardens. To be a good guest in another gardeners garden, follow these common rules of courteous behavior, like staying on paths, not picking flowers or seeds and not talking about how much better your plants are doing.

Feng Shui in the Garden
The elements that bring order and harmony to your home can also be used to attract good energy to your garden.

Lawns - Choosing the Right Grass
Let's face it, lawns are still a big part of landscaping. Make them lower maintenance by starting off with the right type of grass for your site.

Flower and Garden Shows
Tell us about a flower and garden show in your area.

Garden Design Clinic - Suggestions for Designing this Garden
Garden Design Tips - Suggestions for Designing a Backyard Garden

Garden Design Clinic - How Would You Re-Design this Garden?
Garden Design Help - Your Suggestions to Re-Design this Front Walkway Garden?

Garden Design Clinic - Re-Designing Lauren Vicker's Garden
Garden Design Clinic - Re-Designing Lauren Vicker's Garden

Meanings of Flowers
Flowers have held meaning for centuries. You know a rose says love, but how about expressing yourself with violets for modesty, peonies for shame or daisies for innocence? The language and meaning of the flowers in you garden or bouquet can be as involved or as fun as you choose to make it.

Passalong Plants - Sharing Plants from Your Garden
Passalong Plants is a southern gardening tradition of sharing plants from your garden, with other gardeners. Here, gardeners share their stories about the plants they have given and received. See submissions

A - Z Listing of Plants
An alphabetized listing of the plants discussed on About Gardening, including selecting plants, growing and suggestions for using the plants in garden design.

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