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Zinnias - Colorful and Easy to Grow Zinnia Plants

Easy to Grow Annual Flowers


Most gardeners are familiar with zinnias. They are an easy growing annual flower that comes in a wide range of colors, from flaming reds and oranges to pastel pinks and greens. There are more than a dozen species of zinnias. Many are available in nurseries, as plants, and even more are available as seed.

In the following pages, some of the best zinnia plants are featured. Many have won All America Selection awards, for their ease of growing and pest resistance. All bloom profusely and make wonderful accents in borders and containers, as well as great cut flowers.

Photo have been provided by the National Garden Bureau, which has declared 2011 The Year of the Zinnia.

Tips for growing zinnias

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Zinnia 'Royal Purple' Zinnia 'Royal Purple' Zinnia 'Old Mexico'Zinnia 'Old Mexico'Zinnia 'Thumbelina' Zinnia 'Thumbelina' Zinnia 'Peter Pan Cream'Zinnia 'Peter Pan Cream'
Zinnia 'Yellow Ruffles'Zinnia 'Yellow Ruffles'Zinnia 'Red Sun'Zinnia 'Red Sun'Zinnia 'Peter Pan Flame'Zinnia 'Peter Pan Flame'Zinnia 'Giant Double' MixZinnia Giant Double Mix
Zinnia 'Magellan Coral'Zinnia 'Magellan Coral'Zinnia 'Queen Lime'Zinnia 'Queen Lime'Zinnia 'Queen Red Lime'Zinnia 'Queen Red Lime'Zinnia 'Crystal White'Zinnia 'Crystal White'
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