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When You Think Cranesbill, You Think Geranium endressii


Growing Geranium endressii

Growing Geranium endressii

Marie Iannotti

Geranium endressii is probably what most gardeners envision first, when they think about hardy geraniums. It forms mounds of deeply-cut, glossy green foliage that is topped with cup-shaped flowers in various shades of pink or magenta. Geranium endressii is a quick spreader and makes a wonderful groundcover or mass planting.

The standard bearer of Geranium endressii is 'Wargrave Pink'. This particular geranium can be spotted in just about every photo of a British garden and it has proven to be widely adaptable in other areas as well.

Geranium endressii is an early summer bloomer and stays in flower for several weeks. After the blooms fade, the whole plant should be sheared back to basal growth. It will fill in extremely quickly and you should get repeat blooms here and there throughout the season. The foliage remains evergreen in milder zones.

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