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Garden Pictures & Ideas for Garden Design Inspiration

Photo essays showing garden design, inspiration and problem solving.
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Art and Whimsy in the Garden
Inspiration for your garden, from an artist who filled her garden with quirky, whimsical pieces that compliment her plants.

Blue Flowers
It's hard to find a true blue in nature and even harder to grow it in the garden. But these 12 plants offer a spectrum of blues to choose from.

Butterfly Gardening
Butterfly Gardening

Container Gardening
Gardening in containers puts you in control of almost everything. You can experiment with plant combinations and color. You can easily swap out plants with the season. You can even let them follow the sun, or use them to fill in gaps in a border. And container gardens fit just about anywhere. So there's no excuse not to have a garden.

Hardy Geraniums. True Geraniums. Perennial Geraniums. Cranesbill!
How to grow hardy geraniums. Choosing from among the wide assortment of hardy, true, perennial cranesbill geraniums out there.

Personalizing Your Garden with Everyday Art
Gardeners have been know to create very personal garden decorations from everyday objects. The garden art displayed here shows a gardeners sense of whimsy and love for every corner of her garden. The ideas showcased in this garden art gallery should inspire the gardener in you to feature more than plants in your garden borders.

Seeing Red
Photo Gallery of Red Flowers and Foliage and How to Use them in the Garden.

Small Space Gardens
Examples of well executed small garden designs. Photos of small flower gardens, borders, containers and vegetable gardens, to get your ideas flowing.

Sprawling and Spilling Plants for Paved Areas
Take a look at the diversity of plants available for planting in walk ways or between the stones of patios and paths.

Urban Gardening
Use these photos of urban gardens to create your own city garden. Flowers, vegetables - even trees and shrubs, for small yards, terraces and up on the roof.

Water Gardens
The water gardens featured here are each very personal to the gardener who designed them. Most people say their biggest mistake is not making their water garden large enough. These photos show how elaborate or intimate a water garden can be and still be inviting and satifying to the gardener. I hope they'll provide you with some inspiration...

Zinnias - How to Grow Zinnia Plants
Zinnias are a popular flower that is easy to grow from seed. They come in colors from crystal white to pastels to vibrantly hot pinks and oranges. Beautiful, low maintenance and very drought tolerant, zinnias also make great cut flowers.

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