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Flowering Spring Bulbs Brighten Entryways

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Flowering bulbs may say "Spring", but you don't have to wait until they pop out of the ground to enjoy them. Even if you forgot to plant bulbs last fall or you live in a warm climate, you'll find colorful pots of bulbs ready to buy and bring home.

The Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center (NFBIC) shares the tempting idea of transforming our doorways into welcoming entryways, with displays of blooming potted spring flowers. NFBIC NYC Director, Sally Ferguson, says "In Amsterdam, people flank their front doors or windows in spring with gorgeous pots of tulips, daffodils, crocus and hyacinths. Each entrance is prettier than the next, with personal flower choices in evidence. Creative pots and containers are part of the look, elegant or playful. It's a mental health thing and so easy."

Here are Sally's tips to dress up your own front entry with a colorful instant spring garden. You'll find even more fun ways to use flowering bulbs at the NFBIC's website, www.bulb.com.

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Welcoming Doorway DaffodilsAn Instant Effect!Potted Daffodils in DoorwaySimilar Effect with Even Less Work.Potted Tulips in DoorwayChanging Your Pots to Suit the SeasonIndoor Basket of Tulips & DaffodilsA Different Easter Basket
Potted Hyacinth Line the EntrywayPotted Hyacinth Lead You Down the PathMake an Entryway with Potted Spring Flowering BulbsNothing Subtle About These Spring BeautiesContainer Grown Spring Flowering BulbsAny Container.Displaying Potted Flower BulbsBring Spring Indoors
Baskets of TulipsMaking Your Potted Bulbs at HomeDisplaying Formal Hyacinth FlowersFormal Hyacinth Flowers Dressed DownPotted Hyacinth Scenting the HouseGive Yourself A Coming Home TreatPotted Daffodils in Coffee CupsGetting Carried Away
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