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Fertilizer - Feeding Your Plants

Garden plants need food to grow healthy. Whether to go organic or use commercial fertilizers is the beginning of the question. Different plants need different fertilizers and different feeding schedules. Here's info on feeding and growing healthy plants.

Using Tea Leaves in the Garden
Using Tea Leaves in the Garden

Favorite Fertilizers
What's your favorite garden fertilizer? What would you recommend to other gardeners?

Is Manure Safe to Use in Your Vegetable Garden?
Manure can be a good choice for amending your garden soil, but with E. coli contaminated produce, it needs to be handled with care. Here are 10 tips for using manure safely.

Dynamite Controlled- Release Fertilizer - Review
Dynamite is a timed-release plant fertilizer that's new to the consumer market. It used to be sold just to professional growers under the name Nutricote. Dynamite slow release fertilizer is available in 3 formulas: warm, mild and cool climates. All Dynamite formulas contain both the macro and micro nutrients plants need. It's a convenient way to feed your plants once and then forget about it. Here are the pluses and minuses of using Dynamite plant fertilizer.

Reading a Garden Fertilizer Bag Label
How to make sense of the numbers on your plant fertilizer bag and choose the right product for your plants.

Comfrey Makes a Great Free Fertilzier
Comfrey leaves and plants are rich in nutrients that are easily released back into the soil, as they decompose. Here are several ideas for making use of your comfrey plants.

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