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Fall Clean Up for a Better Spring Garden

To cut back or not to cut back? There are many things to do in the garden in the fall that will make your garden wake up easier in the spring and make spring clean up even easier.

End of Season Garden Clean-Up
Closing down the garden for winter means a certain amount of cleaning up, packing up and preparing for spring. Here's a checklist to help you cover all the important bases.

Fall Garden Tasks for a Better Spring Garden
Taking some extra time in the fall to prepare your garden for winter will make spring garden clean-up a snap. Removing diseased foliage and amending the soil will also make for a better growing garden next season. It’s not too late to pamper your garden with some easy fall garden tasks.

Fall Gardening Q & A
Wondering how much longer you will have to mow your lawn? This Landscaping FAQ from About's Landscaping Guide will help you put your whole yard to bed for the winter, guilt free.

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