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Gardening in Arid Climates

Desert gardening isn't just cactus plants and tumbleweeds. There are wonderful native wildflowers that have adapted to dry, arid conditions. Most desert plants are evergreen. So gardening in the desert isn't as odd as it first sounds.
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Book Review Top 10 Arizona Wildflower and Cactus Field Guides
Help in choosing native flowers and cactus for your garden.

10 Full-Sun, Drought Tolerant Plants
If you have dry, sunny areas on your property and wish to grow plants there, you need to select full-sun plants that are known for their drought-tolerance. Following is a list of perennials that qualify as such full-sun plants.

Aeonium Plants
One of the most striking succulents for the garden is Aeonium. Aeoniums come in different colors and heights, but their rosettes are easy to grow and care for.

Tough, sculptural agave plants are virtually maintenance-free. There's a lot of variety, even some without spines, and they are all long-lived.

Cactus Flowers - Desert Cactus Blooms (Photo Gallery)
Think you've seen one cactus you've seen them all? Not likely.

Crassula are some of the most fascinating succulents. Most gardeners have to settle for growing them as houseplants, but in warm climates, Crassula come into their own.

Echeveria are succulent plants that can handle heat and drought and still look good.

There are about 2,000 species of Euphorbia and many are drought-tolerant succulents that love arid climates. Some masquerade as cacti and others grow into bizaare and fascinating shapes. Tips for growing Euphorbia.

Ice Plants
A great drought tolerant succulent for use as a ground cover, rock gardens and containers. Their bright flowers are hard to beat.

Senecio Plants
Senecio succulents aren't hardy in many areas, but they're worth growing in containers for their fascinating shapes and forms. And their easy care.

Photo Gallery of Desert Plants and Landscapes
Enjoy these desert plant and landscape photographs.

Seven Easy Plants for Desert Landscaping
Desert dwellers know that more grows there than cactus and tumble weed. But not every plant will be happy growing in dry heat. Judy Hedding, About's Guide to Phoenix, AZ, knows about gardening in extremes without going to extremes and she gives us her choices for Seven Easy Plants for Desert Landscaping.

Creosote Bush
A very useful desert shrub with a fragrance that's not universally loved.

Planting a Saguaro Cactus
Nothing says hot climate like a cactus. The saguaro cactus is unique to the Southwest desert and is protected in the State of Arizona. Our Phoenix Guide shows the steps you'll go through to move one of these giant beauties.

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