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Pressing Fall Leaves - How to Preserve the Beauty of Fall Foliage


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Preserving Leaves with Waxed Paper - Great for Kids
Pressing Leaves Between Waxed Paper

Pressing Leaves Between Waxed Paper

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This is how I saved my leaves as a kid. I think it was the only time I enjoyed ironing.

  1. Choose thin leaves with a low moisture content, that haven’t begun to curl.

  2. Sandwich your leaves between 2 sheets of waxed paper.

  3. Cover your ironing board with an old cloth rag, so you don’t get wax on the board.

  4. Place the sandwich on top of the rag.

  5. Place another old cloth rag on top of the sandwich.

  6. Heat the iron to high, but NO STEAM.

  7. Slowly run the iron back and forth over the cloth rag. Don't press too hard to begin with, or the leaves will shift. Once the paper has begun to seal, use the full weight of the iron and hold it for about 4-5 seconds on each spot.

  8. Lift the rag to see if the waxed paper as melted and sealed. The leaves will be much clearer when the wax has melted.

  9. Allow the sandwich to cool, then cut out individual leaves. Leave a small margin around the leaves so the waxed paper stays sealed.

These leaves will last for months.

Decorating Ideas:

  • Wax pressed leaves are nice for kids to play with and make collages or those things that hang.

  • Pin the individual leaves to curtains or hot glue to lamp shades for seasonal color.
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