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How to Dry Hydrangeas - The Best Ways to Dry Hydrangea Flowers


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When to Cut Hydrangeas for Drying
Hydrangeas go from peak to brown quickly.

Hydrangeas go from peak to brown quickly.

Photo: © Marie Iannotti (2008) licensed to About.com, Inc.

Hydrangeas are one of those flowers that almost dry themselves. Once dry, they can last and look beautiful for years. You can dry hydrangeas several ways, but I’ve found water drying hydrangea flowers helps them retain their color and last longer. Here's how.

The biggest challenge in drying hydrangeas is timing when to cut the blossoms. If you cut them in peak bloom, they have too much moisture and don’t dry quickly enough to retain their beauty. Too late, and they’ll just turn brown. It's even harder to tell on hydrangeas like this 'Annabelle' that only goes from bright white to pale green, but take your best guess.

In all honesty, it some years it's impossible to find flowers that are ready to cut and don't have any spots of brown on them. If that's the case, you can always remove the individual brown flowers, either before or after drying.

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