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Making Bird Houses from Your Gourds


They don't call them birdhouse gourds for nothing. Gourds are ridiculously easy to grow and if you've ever done it yourself, you know how many gourds you wind up with. So why not put them to good use?

Making a gourd bird house is almost as easy as growing the gourds. You'll need to dry and clean the gourds first, inside and out. After that the fun part begins. You can leave your gourds au natural, to blend in with the woodlands, or express yourself anyway your mood suggests and decorate your gourd bird houses as well as the trees from which they'll be hanging. The birds don't seem to care either way, so let's get started.

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Gourd Bird Houses - Making Birdhouses Out of Birdhouse GourdsMaking Gourd Bird HousesHow to Make Gourd Bird HousesTurning Your Birdhouse Gourd into a Gourd Bird HouseGourd Bird Houses - Getting StartedDrilling the DoorwayGourd Bird Houses - Making the OpeningMaking the Entrance
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