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Fall Decorations from the Garden

From Harvest Centerpieces to Gourd Handbags


Gourd Crafts - Making Fall Decorations from Gourds

Gourds make the perfect decorations. You can leave them plain, dress them up or pile them up - and they last all season.

Photo: © Marie Iannotti

Using flowers from the garden to decorate is a fast and easy routine during the summer. Fall lends itself to more sumptuous decorating. The richer colors, dried seed pods and grasses and ample harvest provide supplies for some wonderful centerpieces, swags, and crafts. Here are some ideas for fall decorating from the garden. Use them as is or let them feed your imagination.

Centerpieces About's Interior Decorating guide has lots of ideas on fall decorating from the garden, from amazing harvest centerpieces to finding supplies on an autumn walk. Treat yourself to her tips at Fast Fall Decor- Fall Decorating Tips and Materials

Gourd Art Pumpkins and gourds look festive on their own, but they are extremely versatile. Hollow them out and they make great vessels for everything from candles,to soup to these gorgeous pumpkin planters Kerry Michaels put together. It would be a blast of color indoors or a warm welcome on the front steps.

There should always be something beautiful and welcoming on your front steps. Our Pool and Patio Guide has an entire photo gallery devoted to fall front door decor. This overflow of winter squash is my favorite. If only zucchini were this versatile.

Want to carry part of your garden with you. How about a gourd purse? It's a lot prettier than it sounds.

Or maybe it's time to try your hand at the classic gourd birdhouse?

Pinecones My mother was a whiz with pinecones. She could paint and shellac, pile and hang, display under glass and otherwise turn a handful of scooped up pinecones into holiday fun. Turns out there's a Pinecone Lady online who crafts pinecones into picture frames and even animals. I also love this pinecone garland.

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