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Gifts for Gardeners - Gift Ideas for the Gardeners on Your List

Finding the Perfect Gardening Gift for Him, Her and the Kids


Finding gifts for gardeners should be easy. There's always a new tool or a gadget they'd like to try. Here are a grab bag of ideas to get you thinking. And if you'd like to add a suggestion of your own, just in case Santa is reading, add it to our garden gifts wish list.

Still having trouble deciding? Why not order a few gardening catalogs and see which pages get dog eared first?

1. Gifts for Gardeners

Gifts Ideas for Gardeners
Photo: © Marie Iannotti

Gifts and gadgets any gardener would enjoy receiving and using in their garden.

2. Gardening Gifts for Him

Gardening Tools.
Photo: © Marie Iannotti

Yes, guys can be hard to shop for. Luckily there are plenty of power toys and tools for him to enjoy while tending the land.

3. Gardening Gifts for Kids

Elephant Watering Can
Photo Provided by aHa! Modern Living.

Gardening can be hard on the limited patience of young children, but playing in the dirt - with all the creepy, crawly things that live in it - can teach them to love gardening in the long run.

4. Gifts for Gardeners - Stocking Stuffers

Who doesn't love the surprises that lurk inside your Christmas stocking? These small treats are great as stocking stuffers and equally appreciated whenever you want to give a small token of appreciation to your gardener.

5. Create Your Own Gardening Gift Basket

Gardener Gift Basket in a Planter
Photo: © Marie Iannotti

Create your own unique gift basket of treats for your gardener with these ideas for a Pampered Gardener Gift Basket.

6. Making Gifts from Your Garden

How to Make Herbal Jelly - Gifts from the Garden
Photo: © Marie Iannotti

And finally, here are 12 ideas for making gifts from the flowers and herbs in your garden. A homemade gift is always special, because of the time and though you put into it.

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