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Designing and Working with Container Gardens

Containers provide an easy to control garden environment. Here we'll discuss choosing appropriate containers, selecting plants suited to the container, the site and that work well with each other and keeping your container garden growing.

Tips for Great Container Gardens - Creating a Garden in a Pot
Container gardening offers many conveniences. Good soil, easy access and the ability to correct mistakes quickly are just a few. These rules of thumb can help you successfully combine plants to create a container garden.

Plants for Containers - How to Choose
Container gardens offer the advantage of changing your garden with every season. The choice of plant material is limited only by your climate and your imagination. Keep in mind the scale of the container and how aggressively the plant grows. While you want your container garden to look full, fast growers will quickly outgrow their pots. The following choices should get you thinking.

Combining Plants for Containers
Container gardening offers immediate gratification. You can experiment with new plants and combinations. If you don’t like the result, start over with minimal trouble. There are no rules for designing a container garden. However, there are certain design principles that can be scaled to container size and make creating effective container...

Planters and Containers - How to Choose
With so many plant containers and pots available for use in gardens, on decks and porches and indoors, how do you choose the best one? Too often we are guided by our taste alone. However to keep your container gardens growing happy and healthy you should give some consideration to the plants needs when choosing a planter. Here are some things to think about.

Containers & Pots - Using Them in the Small Garden
Small spaces and containers simply go together. Containers give you the chance to experiment and try different plants. If you don’t like it or a plant is under-performing, it is easy to correct. But where containers really excel is in control. The gardeners can choose just the right soil, the right exposure and the right cultural conditions.

Ornamental Grasses for Containers
Growing ornamental grasses in containers is a great way to feature grasses without the worry of them spreading or taking over the garden. Here are my top ten picks for ornamental grasses grown in containers.

Fall Containers - Colorful Plants for Fall
A great way to keep your containers looking good throughout the year is to replace tired plants with seasonal choices. Many flowers and plants come into their own in the fall. The plants featured here are great choices for fall color.

Bring Outdoor Accessories Inside this Winter for Year Round Enjoyment
Cold weather used to mean moving all your delicate flower pots and garden ornaments into the garage for safe keeping. Why just store your garden accessories and have them take up space when you could put them to good use indoors. Here are some creative ideas for using garden items indoors during the winter.

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