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Container Gardening - Designing and Displaying Potted Gardens

Container gardening offers all the perks and challenges of gardening in a bed. There is almost nothing that can't be grown in a container. Choosing and combining plants to grow in containers is a great way to experiment with garden design. Whether you choose to display a grouping of one plant per pot or create an entire garden in a single container, you can’t fail, because you can always swap plants in and out. You can even have a high yield vegetable, fruit or herb garden container garden.
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10 Tips for Great Container Gardens
Container gardening offers many conveniences. Good soil, easy access and the ability to correct mistakes quickly are just a few. These rules of thumb can help you successfully combine plants to create a container garden.

Choosing Plants for Containers
Container gardens offer the advantage of changing your garden with every season. The choice of plant material is limited only by your climate and your imagination. Keep in mind the scale of the container and how aggressively the plant grows. While you want your container garden to look full, fast growers will quickly outgrow their pots. The following choices should get you thinking.

Combining Plants in Containers
Container gardening offers immediate gratification. You can experiment with new plants and combinations. If you don’t like the result, start over with minimal trouble. There are no rules for designing a container garden. However, there are certain design principles that can be scaled to container size and make creating effective container...

Video - Flowering Plants and Combinations for Containers
A look at the many great choices of flowering plants for containers and some long lasting companions to pair with them.

Video - Design Tips for Containers
Which plants grow well with others? How many can you squeeze in? Good questions. Landscape designer Carol Lindsay has some easy answers.

Choosing Garden Planters and Containers
With so many plant containers and pots available for use in gardens, on decks and porches and indoors, how do you choose the best one? Too often we are guided by our taste alone. However to keep your container gardens growing happy and healthy you should give some consideration to the plants needs when choosing a planter. Here are some things to think about.

Container Suggestions
Why reach for the same old flower pot when there is so much choice out there? Here are a few ideas of what's available, to get you thinking.

Photo Gallery and Container Gardening Tips
Container Gardening - Putting Together Containers

Making the Most of Container Gardens
Small spaces and containers simply go together. Containers give you the chance to experiment and try different plants. If you don’t like it or a plant is under-performing, it is easy to correct. But where containers really excel is in control. The gardeners can choose just the right soil, the right exposure and the right cultural conditions.

Patios & Terraces: Small Space Gardening on a Patio or Terrace
Patios and Terraces are now looked at as extensions to our homes, outdoor rooms. They can be linked to the outdoors with some clever planting. Whether you are looking for a way to create a garden at arms length or a way to cut back on gardening without sacrificing the beauty, patio and terrace gardening could be the answer.

Rooftop Container Garden - Planting and Caring for Containers on Your Roof
Sometimes the only gardening space to be had is on your rooftop and container grown plants are the perfect way to go. Here are some important things to consider, before you create a rooftop garden.

Urban Rooftop Gardens
Containers can be used to create a garden anywhere and a rooftop is no exception. There are some special needs to be met, but here are some ideas to get you started.

Hypertufa - How To Make Your Own Hypertufa Troughs & Decorations
Hypertufa planters are a wonderful way to bring the look of stone into your garden, without the weight. Hypertufa is easy to make yourself at home. Although it can be messy, it’s also a lot of fun. Here are some basic recipes and some creative suggestions for hypertufa toughs and garden decorations.

Bring Outdoor Accessories Inside this Winter for Year Round Enjoyment
Cold weather used to mean moving all your delicate flower pots and garden ornaments into the garage for safe keeping. Why just store your garden accessories and have them take up space when you could put them to good use indoors. Here are some creative ideas for using garden items indoors during the winter.

Container Garden Book - Container Gardening for Canada
Container gardening allows you to experiment with plants and to grow plants in small areas and problem sites. This handbook on container gardening gives tips for making the most of potted plants, combining containers and choosing plants for color and interest.

Square Foot Container Gardening Kit
This truly is square foot gardening and for someone with a small terrace or patio who wants to experiment with a few plants, it’s a good idea. The kit comes with everything you’ll need to get started growing, except a plant. They leave that choice up to you.

Ornamental Grasses for Containers
Growing ornamental grasses in containers is a great way to feature grasses without the worry of them spreading or taking over the garden. Here are my top ten picks for ornamental grasses grown in containers.

Fall - Plants for Fall Containers
Don't let your containers fade away in the fall. Spice them up with the rich colors of fall blooming flowers or plants with colorful leaves. Here are some ideas for great choices to keep your container gardens beautiful through the fall.

UltraGrow Plant Container Insert
Gardeners put all sorts of things at the bottom of their plant containers to help water drain through and keep bugs out. Here's an elegant little product that takes the place of playing with stones, broken pots and screening and you can use it over and over again.

Ups-A-Daisy - Plant Container Insert
Ups-A-Daisy is a false bottom for overly large planters. It will save on soil and keep containers from becoming unduly heavy. However it doesn’t fit all planter sizes and sometimes you actually need the extra soil, even if it means you can’t lift the pot.

Ways to Re-use Old Plastic Pots
When those old black plastic nursery pots start to pile up, put them to good use. Here are 9 suggestions for re-purposing old containers.

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