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Four O'Clock's - Mirabilis jalapa


Mirabilis jalapa (Four O'Clocks)

Mirabilis jalapa (Four O'Clocks)

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For a novice I can think of no other flower like the ol' time 4 O'clock. It takes little effort on the part of the grower, smells great and the hummers love it! Submitted by bonnie

  • Zones: 7 - 11 (Can be grown as an annual elsewhere and the tubers can be lifted and over-wintered.)
  • Colors: Red, Pink, Yellow, Cream
  • Height: 3 - 4' Width: 15 - 18"
  • Bloom Period: Mid-Summer
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Notes: Plant parts are poisonous if ingested. Called 4 O'clocks because they bloom in late afternoon.

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