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Tomato 'Terenzo' F1 - 2011 AAS Vegetable Award Winner

2011 All America Selections


Tomato 'Terenzo' F1 - AAS Vegetable Award Winner

Tomato 'Terenzo' F1 - AAS Vegetable Award Winner

Photo Provided by All America Selections

If you prefer your cherry tomatoes on the sweet side, 'Terenzo' is for you. It has a brix sugar content of 6.0%. OK, it's not going to challenge the 14.0 of a Brandywine, but compared to those 4.0 tomatoes in plastic clamshells at the supermarket, 'Terenzo' is a definite winner.

This is considered a 'Tumbler' type tomato. It produces high yields on a low-growing, trailing plant. The fruits are a good size, about 1 1/4" / .7 oz., and resistant to cracking. 'Terenzo' holds up well in the heat of summer.


  • Genus species: Solanum lycopersicum
  • Common name: Cherry Tomato
  • Height: 16--20"
  • Width: 20"
  • Fruit Size: 1 1/4" / .7 oz.
  • Flower Color: Red
  • Length of time from sowing seed to flower: 56 days from transplant
  • Bred by Pro-Veg Seeds Ltd.
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