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2009 All-America Selections

Flower & Vegetable Award Winners


Each year hundreds of new flower and vegetable plants are trialed and judged by independent, unpaid judges of All America Selections (AAS®). The mission of AAS is "To promote new garden varieties with superior garden performance judged in impartial trials in North America. They've been doing this since 1932.

AAS Judges look for varieties with qualities that are superior to plants already on the market. These qualities can include growth habit, adaptability, color, scent, taste and overall performance. Since they are judged in a cross section of gardens and climates, they are considered to be good choices for most home gardens. However since every garden and every gardener is unique, growing an award winning seed or plant is no guarantee that yours will be equally impressive. But it's fun to try.

Here are the best of the best for the 2009 season.

All photos courtesy of All America Selections. For More about AAS, visit their Website: http://www.all-americaselections.org/.

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Eggplant F1 ‘Gretel’ - AAS® Vegetable Award WinnerEggplant F1 'Gretel'Melon F1 ‘Lambkin’ - AAS® Vegetable Award WinnerMelon F1 'Lambkin'Squash F1 ‘Honey Bear’ - AAS® Vegetable Award WinnerSquash F1 'Honey Bear'Viola F1 ‘Rain Blue and Purple’ - AAS® Cool Season Bedding Plant Award WinnerViola F1 'Rain Blue & Purple'
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