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How to Plant a Tomato


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Getting Tomato Plants Established
Planting Tomatoes

Sacrificing some height, when planting tomato plants, makes for a stronger plant.

Photo: © Marie Iannotti
Don't worry if the top of your tomato plant seems to be laying down. It will reach for the sun quickly and be growing straight and tall. Now is the time to get your stake or cage in the soil. Be very careful not to drive it through the stem you just buried.

You don't need to feed the plant now, if your soil has plenty of organic matter in it. If your soil is poor, you can amend it at planting time.

And that's it. Stand back and watch your tomatoes take off. A word of caution, since this planting technique encourages your tomato plants to send out lots of roots, they will be difficult to pull out of the soil, at the end of the season. Still, it's a small price to pay for healthy, productive tomatoes, don't you think?

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