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How to Grow Citrus Trees

How to grow citrus trees and dealing with citrus tree pests and problems.

Citrus Trees - Growing Tips
Selecting, planting, feeding, pruning - Texas Extension helps you with everything about growing citrus trees at home, except eating.

Gallery of Citrus Fruits
Are you aware of how many types of citrus fruits are available to you? Take a look at all your choices.

Controlling Citrus Greening
Citrus greening is a disease that will eventually kill infected trees. Learn how to control it.

How to Grow Meyer Lemons
Compact Meyer lemon trees are considered one of the easiest citrus trees to grow. Learn how to take care of your own tree.

How to Grow Kumquats in Containers
Kumquats pack a lot of flavor into a small package. The trees are not difficult to grow and can even be grown in containers.

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