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Plant Disease & Insect Damage Identification and Solutions
Once you know what the bug or disease is, you can usually cure the problem. If there's something wrong with your plant, here's the place to fix the problem.
What Is a Perennial Flower or Plant - Perennial Gardens
Perennial gardening is very popular because growing plants that live more than one garden season lets your garden design evolve. But perennials don't live ...
Plant Tomatoes Deep for Better, Stronger Growth - Organic Gardening
Simply plant them as deep as you possibly can -- you can bury them all the way up to just below the top-most set of leaves if you want, and your plant will thrive.
Plant Tissue Systems - Biology - About.com
Plant tissue systems are composed of dermal tissue, vascular tissue, and ground tissue systems. These systems provide support, nutrient formation and ...
Parts of a Flowering Plant - Biology - About.com
The roots of a flowering plant are very important. They keep the plant anchored in the ground and obtain nutrients and water from the soil. The roots also store ...
Plant Cell Quiz - Biology - About.com
Plant cells are eukaryotic cells and are similar to animal cells. Unlike animal cells however, plant cells contain structures such as cell walls, plastids, and large ...
Types of Plant Cells - Biology - About.com
There have a number of important specialized types of plant cells. Some examples of specialized plant cells include parenchyma cells, collenchyma cells and ...
Deciding How Much to Plant in the Vegetable Garden - Gardening
It's very easy to get carried away, planting a vegetable garden. Before you find yourself knee-deep in green beans, here are some guidelines for determining ...
Vegetables and Herbs to Plant in August - Organic Gardening
Here is a regional list of which vegetables and herbs you can plant in your garden in August.
What Is an Annual Flower or Plant? - Definition
Annual flowers and plants only live for one growing season. But not all plants that are killed by frost at the end of the season are annuals. An annual plant must ...
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