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When to Harvest Vegetables - Gardening - About.com
There are no precise guidelines for when to harvest your vegetables, but they do give off some telltale signs. Here are some rules of thumb to help you know ...
When to Harvest Your Vegetables - Gardening - About.com
When and how to pick the vegetables in your home garden, so they are at their peak of flavor.
When to Harvest Potatoes - Container Gardening - About.com
You can also wait until the plants turn yellow and die back and then harvest all of the potatoes. The easiest way to do this is to turn the container over dump it out ...
When to Harvest Strawberries and Renovate the Bed - Gardening
Be gentle when pulling them from the plants. Snap the stem directly above the berry rather than pulling on the berry itself. Keep harvested berries in a cool, ...
Harvesting Garlic (How and When to Dig and Store Garlic) - Gardening
Once the tops of your garlic plants start to die back, you know it's time to harvest. Here's how to be sure your garlic is ready to dig and how to dry and store it for ...
Harvesting Vegetables - How to Know When to Harvest in the Home ...
Harvesting guidelines to pick your vegetables at the peak of perfection in your home vegetable garden. Does canteloupe slip? Should squash dent or not?
How and When to Harvest Cucumbers
When you harvest cucumbers will depend in large part on the variety you are growing and what you will be using the cucumbers for. Here are some general ...
When to Harvest Watermelon - How To Tell When Watermelon is Ripe
Here is how to tell when your watermelons are ready to harvest.
How and When to Harvest Corn and the Best Ways to Do It
So it's disappointing when you harvest corn that isn't quite ready yet. Here's how to tell if your corn is ready to harvest. First, look at the silks at the tip of the corn ...
When to Harvest Garlic - Container Gardening - About.com
When to harvest garlic is at best an inexact science. You want to harvest garlic when the bulbs are big and mature and before they start to split apart and rot.
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