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Herbs for Dying - Growing and Using Herbs for Dying - Gardening
But for centuries, herbs have been even more popular as dye plants. The most fascinating thing to me about using plants to dye other materials is that the ...
Companion Planting - Using Herbs to Deter Insect Pests - Gardening
Herbs work especially well as companion plants. They multitask by attracting beneficial insects and repelling pest insects and their fragrance and foliage make  ...
Herb Container Garden Basics - Container Gardening - About.com
Use quality high quality potting soil because most herbs need good drainage. Also make sure that your container has drainage holes so you don't drown your ...
Herbs and Spices in Cocktail Mixology - Cocktails - About.com
How to use herbs and spices in cocktails and to combine their tastes and flavors to perfection. This in depth, pictorial study of using herbs in cocktail is the work ...
Using Herbs and Teas in Soap Making - Candle & Soap Making
How to best use teas and herbs used for tea in your soap making.
Pairing and Combining Your Fresh Grown Herbs With Foods
When cooking with the fresh herbs you grow, the only rule is to please yourself and your guests. The following table lists flavorful herb and food combinations ...
Herb Gardening Essentials - About.com
Herbs grow so easily, they almost grow themselves. The following series of lessons breaks down the basics of choosing and using herbs and of creating a ...
Growing Fresh Herbs in the Home Garden - Gardening - About.com
Herb plants can be grown throughout the landscape. Here are some ideas for growing your own fresh herbs, using them in cooking and all through the home, ...
How Do I Start Using Herbs? - Herb Gardens - About.com
When starting out, the idea of using herbs in everyday life is romantic and sometimes overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you do it safely? Who has the ...
How To Dye Easter Eggs With Herbs - Herb Gardens - About.com
Use herbs to create your own natural herbal dyes for coloring eggs. Learn how to make all natural dyes and make unique, lovely decorations for Easter and ...
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