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Urban Gardening - Small Lawns and Rooftop Containers
Tips for urban gardening, from rooftop containers to caring, designing a small garden, for a small lawn and growing flowers and vegetables indoors.
Urban Garden – FAQs and Basic Considerations for the ... - Gardening
Creating a garden in urban areas is basically the same as starting a garden anywhere else. You still need to consider soil, climate, personal taste, time and ...
Urban Gardening Photo Gallery - About.com
Photos showing ideas for urban gardening, from rooftop gardens to small backyards and container vegetables.
Small Garden Design and Urban Garden Ideas
Gardening in small spaces is challenging, but it also allows you to focus your design ... And if your small garden is in an urban setting, create a city garden your  ...
Urban Rooftop Gardens - Gardening - About.com
Tips for creating a rooftop garden in an urban setting, including choosing containers and plants for gardening on a roof.
Gardening - Easy Urban Garden Ideas Video
Planting an urban garden is within your reach. Even if space is an issue, you can still have an awesome patch of paradise in your own urban garden.
Urban Garden Tips - Ideas for Taking Advantage of a City Site
Urban gardening can mean anything from a pot or 2 on the fire escape to a plot in a community garden. What they all have in common is how welcome any spot ...
Get Growing: Philadelphia Gardening Resources
Nurseries, Classes, Clubs and More to Make Your Philadelphia Garden Great ... And moreover, we have several resources – from top-notch urban nurseries to ...
Urban Gardening - Photos of Urban Gardens, from Rooftops to ...
Photos showing ideas for urban gardening, from rooftop gardens to small backyards and container vegetables.
Urban Agriculture - What Is Urban Agriculture
Urban agriculture is a growing movement in the U.S. that seeks to decentralize the food system by creating small, local food producing centers in urban areas.
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