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What are garden soil amendments? - Gardening - About.com
You've read you should amend your garden soil, but just what are soil amendments?
Amending Your Garden Soil to Make It Better - Gardening - About.com
Soil texture is a little trickier to amend than soil fertility. Texture refers to the size of the soil particles. Sandy soils have very large particles. Water, air and plant ...
How Much Mulch or Soil Amendment Will You Need? - Gardening
Knowing how much mulch, compost, or amendment to purchase for your garden is always a bit of a guess, but you can make it an educated one by using these ...
Soil Amendments for Gardens - Definition - Landscaping - About.com
When we specify "soil" amendments, we indicate we're not talking about the constitution. Learn how it's used in reference to improving the soil in which you ...
Soil Amendments - Peat Moss Alternatives - Flowers - About.com
However, there are some environmental drawbacks to using peat moss as a soil amendment. Peat moss takes centuries to develop, and its harvest from wetland ...
Fall Gardening - Let Winter Freezes Amend Your Garden Soil
Fall is a great time to amend your garden soil the easy way by letting the ravages of winter work their magic.
Understanding and Improving Clay Soil
Eventually, the plant will start sending out roots, but when they reach the limits of the nicely amended soil you backfilled with, they will have a hard time ...
Homemade Fertilizers and Soil Amendments
Put these homemade fertilizer and soil amendment recipes to work in your yard, and you won't have any need for those pricey chemical concoctions that you ...
Manure - Adding Manure as Organic Matter, to Amend Garden Soil
Manure, or decomposing animal waste, doesn't sound like it would be something you'd want to throw on your garden soil, but yes you would. Manure is one of ...
Amending the Soil in Your Garden - Making Great Soil - Gardening
How-to tips for measuring your garden and calculating how many yards or bags of soil amendments it will take to cover it. Avoid repeated trips to the store and ...
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