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What are garden soil amendments? - Gardening - About.com
You've read you should amend your garden soil, but just what are soil amendments?
Amending Your Garden Soil to Make It Better - Gardening - About.com
What is good soil and how do you know if your garden has it? Here's some advice on accessing its texture and the nutrients in it, as well as how to make it even ...
Understanding and Improving Clay Soil
Clay soil can be extremely frustrating to work with, and few plants will thrive in it. ... Add any organic fertilizers or soil amendments outlined in your report, and ...
Soil Amendments for Gardens - Definition - Landscaping - About.com
When we specify "soil" amendments, we indicate we're not talking about the constitution. Learn how it's used in reference to improving the soil in which you ...
Homemade Fertilizers and Soil Amendments
Homemade Fertilizers and Soil Amendments. Put these homemade fertilizer and soil amendment recipes to work in your yard, and you won't have any need for ...
Soil Amendments - Peat Moss Alternatives - Flowers - About.com
Peat moss is not a sustainable soil amendment, but there are alternatives to building great garden soil.
How Much Mulch or Soil Amendment Will You Need? - Gardening
Estimating How Much Mulch or Soil Amendment You'll Need for Your Garden ... If you are starting a new garden, you will want to add amendments to the entire ...
How to Prepare the Soil for Growing Garlic - Small Farms - About.com
Learn how to prepare the soil to grow the biggest, best, most tasty garlic ever on your small farm, homestead or hobby farm.
How Can I Make My Soil More Acidic? - Trees & Shrubs - About.com
Some trees and shrubs require acidic soil pH (below 7.0) or they will develop iron ... soil pH, there are amendments you can use to make your soil more acidic.
Do-It-Yourself Soil Test - Frugal Living - About.com
Find out if your soil is acidic or alkaline without a pricey test kit. ... so make small changes and wait for them to take hold, before making further amendments.
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