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Garden Plants for Special Needs and Problem Areas - Gardening
There are plants that will grow in your garden, no matter what your growing conditions. Good garden design requires consideration of what plants will grow well ...
Drought Tolerant Perennial Flowers for Dry Areas - Gardening
When you think of plants for dry areas you probably think of desert plants like cactus, agave, aloe, yucca and .... Plants for Special Needs and Problem Areas.
Grow Bleeding Heart Plants (Dicentra) in the Garden - Gardening
Problems: The biggest foe of Bleeding Heart is summer heat. Gardeners in warmer zones will have a tougher time establishing their plants than those in the  ...
Plants for Wet Areas - Landscaping
Use plants for wet areas as a solution to drainage problems. Vegetation (native plants are often a great choice) has the advantage of offering good looks.
Easy Flowers and Soil Solutions for Garden Problem Areas
Combat problem areas in your flowerbeds with soil amendments and tough flowering plants.
Plants for Shady Areas - Top Picks for Gardens in Low Light
One of the most common problems faced in landscaping is finding plants for shady areas. It's an important problem to overcome, since it doesn't matter how ...
Landscape Solutions for Problem Areas - Landscaping - About.com
Problem areas. Almost every landscape has at least one, whether it is a rocky spot, a slope, or a place so heavily shaded that design options with plants are ...
Landscaping Plants for Dry, Shady Areas
Solutions for Problem Areas · Plants for Shady Areas ... If you have an area on your property with dry shade and wish to grow plants there, you may quickly come ...
Tomato Plant Leaf Diseases - Gardening Tips - About.com
Problems growing tomatoes are often the result of weather conditions. This is something that is out of the gardeners control. However if you know your area is ...
Top Plants for Growing in Clay Soil - Gardening - About.com
Gardening in clay soil is a challenge, but many plants, like these rugged natives and tough, tap rooted plants, will ... Plants for Special Needs and Problem Areas.
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