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Where to Cut Stems for Plant Cuttings - Gardening - About.com
Plant stems send out new roots from the stem nodes. As shown here, making plant cuttings at a node increases the success for making new plants from the ...
Taking a Stem Cutting of a Garden Plant - Gardening - About.com
Established plants can be used to take stem cuttings and make more plants. A short cutting with a couple of leaves is all you need to propagate a new plant.
Mother Plant - Gardening - About.com
What is a mother plant and what do you do with it when you make plant cuttings? ... to Root Plant Cuttings · Save Your Homestead Money with Plant Propagation ...
3 Easy Plant Propagating Techniques - Homesteading - About.com
Taking "cuttings" from a mature plant and encouraging the cuttings to grow their own roots is a form of asexual propagation. In other words, sex has nothing to do  ...
Rooting Plants—How to Root Plants from Cuttings - Houseplants
About.com · About Home · Houseplants · Propagation ... It's economical because you increase your plant collection for little to no cost (just the soil and pots!) ... Once your transfer a water-rooted plant to soil, many of thes...
Tolmiea menziesii—Growing the Piggy-back Plant - Houseplants
Tips on growing the unusual Tolmiea, also known as the piggy-back plant or ... Propagation: ... Place the adult plant in a new, slightly larger pot, with fresh soil.
How to Propagate Bromeliads at Home - Houseplants - About.com
After the bract is dead, the "mother" plant will send out a series of offsets, ... This kind of propagation is known as asexual reproduction; it's a form of cloning.
Gynura—How to Grow Velvet Plant Indoors - Houseplants - About.com
Tips on how to grow the exotic and interesting velvet plant, or Gynura species. ... The Gynura plant features lovely foliage and very stinky flowers. ... Propagation:.
Fittonia—How to Grow Fittonia Houseplants - About.com
Fittonia is a lovely plant with delicately veined, deep green leaves. ... take leaf tip shoots for propagation, then root prune the parent plant and place it back into ...
Jade Plants—How to Grow Crassula Species - Houseplants
Jade plant is known for its ease of propagation. Plants can be easily propagated from a single leaf: sprout leaves by placing them into a succulent or cacti mix, ...
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