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Gardening Tips: Use Stem Cuttings to Make New Plants
Established plants can be used to take stem cuttings and make more plants. A short cutting with a couple of leaves is all you need to propagate a new plant.
Where to Cut Stems for Plant Cuttings - Gardening - About.com
As shown here, making plant cuttings at a node increases the success for making new plants from the cuttings. ... More Detailed Info on Propagating Plants.
Propagating Plants by Layering - Gardening - About.com
Layering is a means of propagating new plants while the branch or stem is still attached to the old plant.
Rooting Plants—How to Root Plants from Cuttings - Houseplants
How to root young plants from cuttings, including the use of rooting hormone and ... Rooting in water is an easy and cheap way to get more plants · Propagating ...
Propagate Perennials - Layering, Cuttings, and Dividing - Flowers
Gardeners can propagate perennial flowers by dividing plants, layering plants, and rooting stem cuttings.
Propagation - Houseplants - About.com
How to increase your stock by propagating your own plants from cuttings, layering and division. We also include sections on how to use root hormone and  ...
How to Use Powdered Rooting Hormone - Houseplants - About.com
How to propagate plants using powdered rooting hormone.
How to Propagate Bromeliads at Home
Learn how to propagate your bromeliads from offsets (pups) produced by the mother plant.
Tolmiea menziesii—Growing the Piggy-back Plant - Houseplants
Tips on growing the unusual Tolmiea, also known as the piggy-back plant or youth-on-age ... Tolmiea are extremely easy to propagate, given their growth habit.
Propagating Lucky Bamboo — How to Root Lucky Bamboo Plants
How to propagate your lucky bamboo plants, in soil and water.
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