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Achillea - Growing Yarrow in the Perennial Garden - Gardening
Achillea often get taken for granted because they are such a dependable, low maintenance perennial plant. There are many varieties of Yarrow and there is sure ...
Top Long Blooming Perennial Flowers - Gardening - About.com
Many gardeners like perennial flower plants because they return year after year. However, that doesn't mean that you can plant them once and forget about ...
Growing Perennial Flowers from Seed - Gardening - About.com
Since they are gong to be around awhile, during their first year perennial plants put their energy into growing roots and storing food. Still, it's a great way to add ...
Using Pitch Forks to Divide Perennial Plants - Gardening - About.com
A very common method of dividing perennials is to use 2 pitch forks to pry and split the plant apart. Perennial plants with fleshy roots, such as the daylily shown  ...
Perennial Plants - Care and Maintenance of Flowering Perennials
It's misleading to think that once you plant a perennial flower you are done with it. To have great looking perennials, there is a good bit of maintenance involved.
Divide a Perennial Plant Video
Dividing a perennial plant will give certain plants in your garden extra mileage all year long. Learn this simple technique & flex your green thumb today!
How and When to Prune Plants - Gardening - About.com
Most perennial plants, especially the flowering ones, not only need to be cut back entirely at some point before or after the growing season, they need regular ...
Growing Lavender - Easy Maintenance Perennial - Gardening
You can be successful growing lavender if you choose the right variety. Tips for choosing growing and pruning lavender plants.
10 Perennial Flowers to Start from Seed - Gardening - About.com
10 easy to grow perennial flowers to start from seed. Tips for starting the seeds and keeping the plants growing.
Shade Plants - Top Picks for Shade Garden Plants - Gardening
Plants you might not associate with shade can actually be used, too. ... Shade Perennial Flowers - Andrew Dernie/Photodisc/Getty Images. Andrew ...
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