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Low Maintenance, Easy Care Perennial Plants
There is such a thing as a low maintenance, easy care perennial plant. It may vary from climate to climate and season to season, but there are many wonderful  ...
How to Divide Perennial Plants - Gardening - About.com
Many perennial plants grow in an ever widening clump. After several seasons of growing, these perennial plants will begin to die out in the center and look more ...
Perennial Plants to Garden & Prune in the Spring - Gardening
Some perennials need the winter protection their fallen foliage provides and survive best if left standing through fall and winter. The following plants should be  ...
Perennial Plants that Don't Need Deadheading
Some perennial plants require no deadheading to remain attractive all season. These perennial flowers won't bloom again, so no deadheading is needed.
Choosing Perennial Plants to Suit Your Gardening Style
Perennials are the basis of most gardens and there are more and more to choose ... There is such a thing as an easy care, low maintenance perennial plant.
Perennial Plants to Cut Back or Prune in the Fall
It can be nice to leave some perennials standing for winter interest. But many perennial plants don't survive rough weather well. These plants should be cut back ...
Perennial vs Annual - Exposing the Myths - Landscaping - About.com
Perennials have a life cycle of 3+ years, as opposed to "annual plants" (1 year) and "biennials" (2 years). Using life cycle as a criterion dispels 3 myths about ...
Top Long Blooming Perennial Flowers - Gardening - About.com
Many gardeners like perennial flower plants because they return year after year. However, that doesn't mean that you can plant them once and forget about ...
Perennial Sunflowers - Gardening - About.com
Perennial heliopsis will bllom best in full sun , although they can handle partial shade. Without at least 5 hours of sun per day, the plants will have a tendency to  ...
Perennial Plants That Deer Don't Eat (Usually)
When deer are hungry, they will eat your plants. The only real deer deterrent is a fence. However, there are some perennial plants that are rarely eaten by deer, ...
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