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What Is a Perennial Flower or Plant - Perennial Gardens
Perennial gardening is very popular because growing plants that live more than one garden season lets your garden design evolve. But perennials don't live ...
How to Divide Perennial Plants - Gardening - About.com
Sooner or later your perennial plants will need to be divided. You'll notice them dieing out in the center or floppy over. When that happens, follow the steps here.
Choosing Perennial Plants to Suit Your Gardening Style
Whether you are looking for a long season of bloom or minimal maintenance, here are some tips for finding and choosing the perennial plants you're going to ...
Perennial vs Annual - Exposing the Myths - Landscaping - About.com
Perennial vs annual comes down to life-cycle, not hardiness or whether the plants die back in winter. The reproductive process is what reveals the difference.
Annual vs. Perennial Plants and How to Use Them - Landscaping
Definition: What makes annual plants "annual" and perennial plants "perennial?" It's all in the life cycle, as I explain below. I also discuss how the ones with ...
Fool Proof Perennial Plants for the Northeast - Gardening - About.com
Astilbe plants add an airiness to the garden, without adding a lot of high maintenance. There are varieties that bloom throughout the summer.
Low Maintenance Perennial Flowers - Gardening - About.com
The trick to a lower maintenance garden is choosing plants suited to your growing conditions. Here are 10 good perennial flower candidates.
Perennial Plants to Garden & Prune in the Spring - Gardening
Some perennials need the winter protection their fallen foliage provides and survive best if left standing through fall and winter. The following plants should be  ...
Perennial Plants - Care and Maintenance of Flowering Perennials
It's misleading to think that once you plant a perennial flower you are done with it. ... How to divide, deadhead, stake and care for flowering perennial plants.
Perennial Plants to Cut Back or Prune in the Fall
It can be nice to leave some perennials standing for winter interest. But many perennial plants don't survive rough weather well. These plants should be cut back ...
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