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Rose Gardening Tips - Selecting and Growing Roses
What better way to enjoy the romance of the garden than by growing roses? Rose gardening has gotten a bad wrap in recent years. Growing roses doesn't have ...
Can You Grow Roses From Cuttings? Sometimes. - Gardening
Ever wonder if you could root and grow roses from a branch of your favorite rose bush? Roses actually root rather easily. However most roses are grafted onto ...
Tips for Planting and Transplanting Roses - Gardening - About.com
Roses are not nearly as fragile as they might appear and you could probably just plant it in a hole and have success. But a little extra effort when planting roses ...
Good Companion Plants for Roses - Gardening
When choosing companion plants for your roses, consider aesthetics, growing conditions, and plant health. Rose companion plants should look good with roses  ...
Growing Roses - Top Roses for Shade Gardens
However, if your garden doesn't quite get the 5-6 hours of full sun usually recommended for growing roses, you may still be able to grow select varieties of roses.
Growing Roses Organically - Gardening - About.com
Growing roses organically is really no different than growing any type of plant with organic techniques. Keep in mind that organic gardening involves more than  ...
Growing Roses Is Easier Than You Think - Landscaping - About.com
Growing roses is easier than you think. For all the talk about how hard it is to grow these shrubs, you just need basic advice on soil and water requirements.
Growing Roses - Dealing With Rose Diseases
If there are only a few affected leaves, the plant may continue growing and blooming fine. The really good news is that it won't spread to your other roses.
Growing Roses: Problems & Solutions - Gardening - About.com
Roses have a reputation - earned or not - for having problems. Here are some solutions for the most frequently encountered rose growing problems and tips for  ...
Rose Gardens - Growing and Tending Roses in the Garden
Successful rose growing starts with choosing varieties suited to your area and giving them the growing conditions and maintenance they need. Growing roses is ...
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