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Garden Maintenance - Half the Fun of Gardening
Planting a garden is only the beginning. Keeping your garden growing and thriving is what makes you a gardener. From deadheading to dividing and even ...
Garden Maintenance: Pinching, Deadheading, Cutting Back
Planting a garden is half the battle. From the day your garden is planted, it will require maintenance to keep your flowers blooming and looking good all summer  ...
Vegetable Garden Maintenance - Gardening - About.com
Vegetables don't really require more care than ornamental plants, but they will be less forgiving of neglect. Our job as gardeners is to make sure the vegetables ...
Garden Maintenance: Pruning to Rejuvenate - Gardening - About.com
An overlooked garden chore involves cutting back foliage of tired and worn plants to the new or basal growth. This will enocourage the plant to start growing  ...
Garden Maintenance: Pinching - Gardening - About.com
Garden Maintenance - Pinching, Deadheading and Cutting Back. Some plants have very crisp, thin stems and can be deadheaded using you fingers. This type ...
Garden Maintenance - What You'll Need to Do
No garden is maintenance free. The amount of work a garden requires depends on how well you started your garden and what plants you've chosen. Page 9.
Garden Maintenance: Cutting Back Flowering Stem - Gardening
Garden Maintenance: Deadheading - Flowering Stem. Garden Maintenance - Pinching, Deadheading and Cutting Back. Sometimes it is best to just remove the  ...
Garden Maintenance: Pinching versus Shearing
Garden Maintenance - Pinching, Deadheading and Cutting Back. Although threadleaf Coreopsis plants are suitable for deadheading by pinching, the quantity of ...
Garden Maintenance: Shearing - Gardening - About.com
Many garden plants will look much fresher is the old blooms and foliage are sheared back. This can be an extreme form of deadheading, but it is actually good ...
Garden Maintenance: Cutting Back to Shape Plants - Gardening
Periodically pruning or cutting back garden plants that tend to grow tall and thin can make for stockier plants and more blooms.
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