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Garden Design Elements and Planting Basics
The only way to get good at garden design is to do it. Luckily, you can't fail. Plants can always be moved or replaced. Even if your tastes change completely, your ...
Garden Design - Gardening to Attract Butterflies - About.com
You don't really need a special garden to attract butterflies. If there are plants in your garden that appeal to them, butterflies will find them. A true butterfly garden  ...
The Principles of Good Garden Design - Gardening - About.com
Garden design is not an exact science and the principles used may be called by various names. The 3 categories below contain the basic elements that, when ...
Garden Design: Drawing the Eye With Garden Focal Points
The purpose of a garden focal point is to bring the garden into focus. ... placing a focal point, like garden design in general, is largely a matter of trial and error.
Color in Garden Design - Gardening - About.com
Most garden design advice begins with a discussion of color, texture and form. Color is arguably the most prominent factor in a garden design and often the first  ...
Garden Design: 10 Tips for Evaluating This Year's Garden and ...
A garden is a work in progress that should get better every year. The following 10 questions will help you evaluate your garden and garden design, so that you ...
Garden Design: Plant Labels for Sun Exposure Defined - Gardening
Garden plants usually come labeled with required sun exposure. Here are the usual meanings of Full Sun, Partial Sun/Partial Shade,Dappled Sun,Full Shade.
Plants for Texture in Garden Design - Gardening - About.com
Texture, in garden design, generally refers to the surface quality of the plant. This is a feature, taking in conjunction with color and the overall form or shape of the ...
Garden Design - Designing Next Year's Garden
Good garden design starts with thinking about what you want. It's too late to plan your garden when you are standing in the nursery eyeing every new plant that ...
Garden Design and Planting - Gardening - About.com
Nothing intimidates a gardener more than garden design. Here are ideas for taking it step-by-step and creating a foundation to build on, with minimal anxiety.
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