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Garden Design: Drawing the Eye With Garden Focal Points
The purpose of a garden focal point is to bring the garden into focus. What may start out as just a grouping of plants is given definition by a focal point. Viewers ...
Creating Focal Points in a Small Garden - Gardening - About.com
Focal points are used in garden design to draw and direct the eye. This can be difficult to accomplish in a small garden when every space is immediately visible  ...
Drama Queen Plants - Focal Points for Garden Design - Gardening
Every garden needs a focal point and large, dramatic plants fit the bill nicely. These drama queen plants will take center stage in any garden.
Focal Points - Landscaping - About.com
In landscape design terminology, "focal points" force the viewer's perspective to a particular location. The use of symmetry or balance creates the effect in a more ...
Creating & Defining a Focal Point - Budget Decorating - About.com
Easy and inexpensive ideas for identifying or creating a natural focal point in a ... Let's look at some interior design photos of focal points in rooms, and see if any ...
Garden Design - Focal Points Photo Gallery - Gardening - About.com
This is an interesting study in focal points, from garden designer Carol Mercer. The bright blue chairs are what you notice first. Your eye is further drawn to them  ...
Focal Points, Scale, Borders - Directing the Eye in Landscaping
Landscape designers create focal points to direct the eye to an area. Scale and line are other landscape design concepts that deal with visual cues and eye ...
What is a Focal Point? Learn How to Identify or Create Focal Points ...
Focal points are an important component of decorating and staging. They make a room feel comfortable and balanced. Learn how to identify focal points in the ...
Art Glossary: Focal Point in a Painting Definition - About.com
An easy-to-understand explanation of what is meant by a focal point in a painting, from the About.com Art Glossary.
Garden Design - Focal Points Photo Gallery - Gardening - About.com
The choice of garden focal points is limitless and personal. Focal points in a garden can be distant vistas, large trees, unusual plants or garden ornaments.
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