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Garden Design: Drawing the Eye With Garden Focal Points
The purpose of a garden focal point is to bring the garden into focus. What may start out as just a grouping of plants is given definition by a focal point. Viewers ...
Creating Focal Points in a Small Garden - Gardening - About.com
Focal points are used in garden design to draw and direct the eye. Think of a garden, large or small, that was just a swath of plants. Your eye sweeps along, not ...
Garden Design - Garden Focal Points - Gardening - About.com
Garden focal points draw the eye toward a focus in the garden and then direct it where to look next.
Art Glossary: Focal Point in a Painting Definition - About.com
An easy-to-understand explanation of what is meant by a focal point in a painting, from the About.com Art Glossary.
Creating & Defining a Focal Point - Budget Decorating - About.com
Easy and inexpensive ideas for identifying or creating a natural focal point in a room or space by the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.
What is a Focal Point? Learn How to Identify or Create Focal Points ...
Focal points are an important component of decorating and staging. They make a room feel comfortable and balanced. Learn how to identify focal points in the ...
focal point - Definition of focal point in Web design
Definition of the term focal point as it relates to Web design.
Garden Focal Points - Gardening - About.com
Focal points are used in garden design to draw and direct the eye. The first thing you notice is this focal feature. Once your interested is concentrated there, you ...
Drama Queen Plants - Focal Points for Garden Design - Gardening
Focal point plants are often described as architectural, because they add structure along with impact. That's why you don't want too many drama queens in your ...
Feng Shui Decorating - Focal Point Feng Shui of Any Room
If a room has no focal point, the feng shui energy gets dissipated and is not able to support the activities the room is intended for. . Mark Lund / Getty Images.
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