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How to Grow Cutting from Established Plants - Gardening - About.com
Increase the plants in your home and garden by taking cuttings from existing plants and rooting them to make more plants. Here's how, step-by-step.
Gardening Tips: Use Stem Cuttings to Make New Plants
Established plants can be used to take stem cuttings and make more plants. A short cutting with a couple of leaves is all you need to propagate a new plant.
Plant Cuttings - What Does it Mean to Take Cuttings of a Plant?
Definition: Plant cuttings are small pieces of a mother plant that are cut off and rooted, to produce new identical plants. Growing plants from cuttings is ...
Using Rooting Hormone on Stem Cuttings - Gardening - About.com
Rooting hormone stimulates a house or garden plant cutting to begin sending new roots out of a stem node. Using rooting hormone increases the success rate  ...
Rooting Plants—How to Root Plants from Cuttings
How to root young plants from cuttings, including the use of rooting hormone and tips for success.
Overwinter Your Geraniums as Cuttings - Gardening - About.com
If your geraniums are too large to bring indoors for the winter, but you don't want to lose them, consider taking cuttings to root and grow inside as smaller plants.
Potting Up Rooted Stem Cuttings - Gardening - About.com
Plant stem cuttings potted in a soilless planting mix will begin to grow new roots and propagate new plants.
Can You Grow Roses From Cuttings? Sometimes. - Gardening
Growing Roses from Cuttings. 1 of 7. Female florist cutting stems on bunch of roses (Rosa sp.) - Mel Yates. Mel Yates/Digital Vision/Getty Images. Ever wonder if ...
Select Non-Woody Stems for Taking House and Garden Plant Cuttings
Choose green, non-woody stems for taking tip cuttings. Newer growth is easier to root than woody stems. You are looking for a stem with a node on it. A node is ...
Choosing an Established Plant for Taking Stem Cuttings - Gardening
Select a healthy house or garden plant to be the mother plant from which you'll take stem tip cuttings to make even more plants.
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