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How to Grow Cutting from Established Plants - Gardening - About.com
Increase the plants in your home and garden by taking cuttings from existing plants and rooting them to make more plants. Here's how, step-by-step.
Gardening Tips: Use Stem Cuttings to Make New Plants
Established plants can be used to take stem cuttings and make more plants. A short cutting with a couple of leaves is all you need to propagate a new plant.
Plant Cuttings - What Does it Mean to Take Cuttings of a Plant?
Definition: Plant cuttings are small pieces of a mother plant that are cut off and rooted, to produce new identical plants. Growing plants from cuttings is ...
How to Use Powdered Rooting Hormone - Houseplants - About.com
Which Cuttings Can I Use? Rooting hormone will work on a variety of cuttings, including new growth, brittle stems, woody stems, and others. It's also very useful  ...
Rooting Plants—How to Root Plants from Cuttings
How to root young plants from cuttings, including the use of rooting hormone and tips for success.
Saving Seed and Taking Plant Cuttings to Overwinter Plants
How to collect and save seed and take cuttings from existing garden plants, to overwinter and grow next season.
Always Remove the Flowers from Cuttings - Gardening - About.com
Ever wonder if you could root and grow branches from your favorite rose bush? With a little care, roses root very easily. You won't always get exactly what you ...
Plant the Cutting. - Gardening - About.com
Plant the cutting in sand or potting mix. Poke a hole first, in the potting medium, and then insert the stem. Be careful not to rub off all the rooting hormone.
Plant Cuttings as Party Favors - Sharing Your Garden Gifts
Give each of your guests a rooted cutting from your garden or your houseplants. ... How To Take Cuttings of Your Favorite Plants to Give as Party Favors.
Propagate Perennials - Layering, Cuttings, and Dividing - Flowers
Gardeners can propagate perennial flowers by dividing plants, layering plants, and rooting stem cuttings.
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