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How to Dry or Cure Ornamental Birdhouse Gourds - Gardening
Drying gourds keeps them around indefinitely. It's an easy process, but it takes time. Here's all you need to know about how to dry gourds. What you make of ...
Growing a Variety of Ornamental Gourds - Gardening - About.com
Growing gourds is easy and extremely rewarding. By drying ornamental gourds, you can keep them intact indefinitely and use them to make bird houses, ...
Gourd Bird Houses - Making Birdhouses Out of Birdhouse Gourds
Growing birdhouse gourds is easy and turning them into bird houses is just as simple. However you have to be a bit patient and allow the gourds to dry, or cure,  ...
How to Dry or Cure Soft-Skinned Gourds Video
Drying soft-skinned gourds is a great way to have fun looking decorations. Learn how to dry or cure soft-skinned gourds with this demonstration.
How to Dry or Cure Hard-Skinned Gourds Video
Drying hard-skinned gourds is a great way to have fun looking decorations. Learn how to dry or cure hard-skinned gourds with this demonstration.
How to Make Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns From Gourds - Landscaping
Depending on the size of the gourd and the drying conditions, drying can be completed anytime from a few weeks to several months. Shake them: if the seeds  ...
Gourd Bird Houses - Gardening - About.com
I wrote a piece on drying bird house gourds and turning them into actual bird houses. Richard, a retired NYC Firefighter from Staten Island, read my piece and  ...
Drying Fall Leaves in the Microwave - Gardening - About.com
Microwave ovens are a great, quick way to dry almost anything and leaves are no exception. Find some beautiful fall foliage and use your microwave to extend ...
Gourd Bird Houses - Getting Started - Gardening - About.com
Before you can start making your birdhouse, you'll need to fully dry, or cure, the gourd, so that the exterior is hard and then interior can be cleaned out. This can ...
Growing Winter Squash In All Its Variety - Gardening - About.com
Allow the fruits to cure in the sun for 7 - 10 days. Protect them from ... Eggplant - Growing Eggplant in the Vegetable Garden · Growing Gourds · Drying Gourds ...
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