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Choosing Plants for a Small Space Garden - Gardening - About.com
The difficulty in choosing plants for your garden is cutting down the list of plants you love to the list of plants you will use. This is even harder with a small garden.
Choosing Plants for Garden Pots - Container Gardening - About.com
For me, choosing container garden plants is the most exciting, challenging and nerve wracking part of container gardening. I walk into a nursery and am often ...
Shade Gardening - Choosing Plants and Designing a Garden in the ...
The real key to shade gardening success is choosing plants that will thrive in the shade you have. Most nurseries and catalogs now group shade plants together, ...
Cutting Gardens - Choosing Plants and Flowers
Lots of different kinds of flowering plants are suitable for a cutting garden. Long- stemmed annuals or perennials are most useful. Typically, colorful annual ...
Guide to Picking Plants for the Landscape - Landscaping - About.com
There's another reason to exercise wise plant selection when choosing a tree. Many trees are slow growers, meaning you'll have to wait years to reap the ...
Choosing Perennial Plants to Suit Your Gardening Style
Whether you are looking for a long season of bloom or minimal maintenance, here are some tips for finding and choosing the perennial plants you're going to ...
Choosing and Combining Plants for Containers
There are no "rules" for designing a container garden, except to give the plants what they need to thrive. However, there are certain design principles that can be  ...
Choosing Plants for Hanging Baskets
I'm often surprised by the plants people choose for their hanging baskets. Many of these plants would work so much better if you were looking down on them ...
Container Gardening - Choosing Plants for Container Gardens
... in a container. Flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables can all be grown in limited space in pots. Here are some tips on choosing plants that will thrive in containers.
Growing a Perennial Flower Garden: Choosing Plants
Growing a Perennial Flower Garden: Choosing Plants. Tips for Choosing the Right Plants for Your Organic Flower Garden. By Colleen Vanderlinden. Share this.
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