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Marie Iannotti

    Herb Gardening Essentials

    Herb gardening is a treat for all the senses. Whether formally displayed or tucked into a pot or a corner of the vegetable garden, herbs offer the promise of both beauty and function.

    Seasoning, dyes, lotions, potpourri, teas... there seems to be no end to what you can do with fresh grown herbs. No packaged product can compete with the aroma of your own lavender or lemon thyme. Herbs grow so easily, they almost grow themselves. The following series of lessons breaks down the basics of choosing and using herbs and of creating a formal herb garden or incorporating herbs into your existing beds and borders.

    Indulge yourself with the evocative fragrance and flavors of a whole world of herb plants. The lesson breakdown is below. You can sign up for the course and receive a new lesson each week via email or you can click below on the courses youíre interested in. I hope it is just the beginning of your infatuation with herb gardening.

    Lesson 1: What Makes a Plant an Herb?

    Lesson 2: Herb Garden Options

    Lesson 3: Formal Herb Gardens

    Lesson 4: Kitchen Herbs

    Lesson 5: Herbs for Dying and Staining

    Lesson 6: Herbs for Fragrance

    Lesson 7: Tea Herbs

    Lesson 8: Drying and Keeping Herbs

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