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Small Space Garden Design

No space for a garden? What with the swing set, the patio, the tool shed, the dog...

Limited space doesn't mean you can't have a garden. Too often garden design focuses on sweeping borders and expansive acres in the country. Not all of us have that and some of us who do, don't want that much garden. What we do want is a small space to enjoy growing plants that will enhance our homes.

Garden designing requires some imagination. A good eye is always helpful, but the only real way to learn to design garden is by doing it. The aim of these lessons is to get your imagination working and help you hone your eye for what works for you. Each lesson builds on and complements the prior lessons, so that you’ll have the concepts you’ll need to create a small personal garden or gardens in what ever time and space you have.

The lesson breakdown is below. You can sign up for the course and receive a new lesson each week via email or you can click below on the courses you’re interested in. I hope you learn to enjoy garden design and come up with a plan to suit your space and tastes. I’d love it if you would send in photos of your gardens, for the About Gardening Gardeners Gallery.

Lesson 1: The Special Challenges of Designing a Small Garden

Lesson 2: Deciding What You Want From Your Garden

Lesson 3: Getting Started with a Plan - Evaluating the Site

Lesson 4: Garden Design - Budget & Maintenance

Lesson 5: Focal Points in Small Spaces

Lesson 6: Selecting the Right Plants for the Space

Lesson 7: Gardening on Patios and Terraces

Lesson 8: Containers & Small Gardens - A Perfect Match

Lesson 9: Small Vegetable Garden, Big Yield

Lesson 10: Front Yards - An Obvious Choice for a Small Garden

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