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Marie Iannotti

Gardening April 2007 Archive


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When to Plant What - PhenologyThe Science of Letting Nature Tell You When to Plant

Wednesday April 25, 2007
Someone wrote and asked me when to plant their potatoes. Usually I say that depends on the weather and the type of potato. But lately Iíve been paying ... Read More

Make Your Own Garden Stepping Stones

Tuesday April 24, 2007
I like decorative garden stepping stones, but I l always feel guilty stepping on them. (But then, I've been know to walk around nice rugs.) There are kits ... Read More

Weed Control Without Chemicals

Monday April 23, 2007
Is your idea of weed control getting down on your hands and knees and pulling? There are easier ways and they donít have to be nasty, harsh chemicals. ... Read More

Lettuce - One Cool Vegetable

Saturday April 21, 2007
What other vegetable do you always eat fresh and uncooked? Thereís a whole world of salad greens out there and they are very easy to grow and even easier to ... Read More

Five Ways to Fix an Overgrown Garden

Friday April 20, 2007
You can wait years for your garden to fill in and look lush and then in the next moment it looks overgrown. There's no substitution for regular pruning and ... Read More

Colorful, Multi-Season Shrubs to Keep Your Garden Looking Great! (with very little effort)

Wednesday April 18, 2007
Even if spring weather has been cooperative in your area, the nursery centers are ready for you. Youíll find the best selection of plants in spring. So if ... Read More

Three New Winning Roses for Your Garden

Friday April 13, 2007
A rose may be a rose, but when you combine good looks, great fragrance and disease resistance, you have an award winning rose. The All American Rose Selections (AARS) ... Read More

More Tips for Combining Plants in Container Gardens

Wednesday April 11, 2007
Since itís been too cold and wet for me to garden outdoors, Iíve been contenting myself by leafing through my gardening books. I recently got a copy of the ... Read More

Create a Dry Creek Bed

Monday April 9, 2007
Thereís nothing like a wet spring to tell you where the soggy parts of your yard are. Dry creek beds are a great solution for those areas that tend ... Read More

Garden DesignA Quick Review

Wednesday April 4, 2007
Itís a good thing we all have so much extra energy in the spring, because itís time to put all those grand plans you made last winter into practice. ... Read More

Keeping Cats from Digging in the Garden

Monday April 2, 2007
Most gardeners are also pet lovers, but even a pet lover can become exhasberated when their cat mistake their garden for a litter box. Aboutís Landscaping Guide has some ... Read More

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